Silverseed is the music of Charlie Henrikson and T. Perry Bowers. They make the music they want to hear. No apologies. Rock/Alt Rock with riff and melody based guitars, Bowers’ powerful and nuanced vocals with fine tuned, cathartic harmonies. The duo has gone by different names over the last three-plus decades, but the bond remains the same. “Doubleness” is their latest release; in the spring of 2023. Preceded by “Beam of Light” in 2019, “The Hidden Hand”, 2016 and “Four Daughters of Beauty”, 2012. Silverseed began as a stripped down guitar and drums duo and grew into a four piece with Bowers picking up the guitar along the way opening the door for Henrikson to step into melodic backing guitar and soaring leads. Stalwart drummer Nathan Fryett locks in the grooves with fluidity and innovative fills and thrills. New bass player Dan Timlan keeps it steady at the wheel with bursts of flourishes, solid and tasty.